Provider: Republic Services

Pickup days: Trash & Recycling pickup is every Monday, except holidays where garbage pickup will be the following business day. 

Trash Holiday Schedule & Acceptable items for recycling are included in Republic Services FAQ available here.  

Republic Services Schedule (you must input your address)

How to position your garbage cans:

In order to improve the consistency and service of trash and recyclable items that are picked up in our neighborhood, we want to inform all residents of the method Republic services asks that we use for placement of the cans at curbside.  Republic uses trucks equipped with a mechanical grapple which is operated remotely by the Driver.  For this to operate properly, the cans must be a minimum of 18” apart and within one foot of the curb to allow this device to grab the can to be dumped in the truck.  There are directional arrows on top of both receptacle lids that must point to the street.  It is suggested that the cans be placed on each side of the driveway apron as seen in this example photo.  When the cans are not placed properly, the Driver must stop and exit the vehicle and physically maneuver the can into a functional position.  This not only wastes the Driver’s time which extends his route through the neighborhood but inconveniences the company which has many hundreds of bins to service each day which ultimately delays them sometimes into the evening.  This also forces the Driver servicing just our community to repeat this evolution hundreds of times, each of which could result in a back injury to someone we often take for granted who provides a necessary service to our residents.

Republic also asks we break down all cardboard boxes and if they are unable to be placed in the recycle bin, they be stacked and tied or taped together so they do not scatter throughout the neighborhood if windy conditions are or could be present. 

Please be considerate to the Drivers we have contracted for service to our community.  The City of Solon will not pick up cans not properly positioned and we are very fortunate we have great service from Republic at the best price of any services that bid the job.  Let’s also make it more efficient and safer for the Drivers who help us weekly throughout the year in all kinds of weather.  We ask that you kindly notify your neighbors of these policies who are not compliant.

 Proper Trash can positioning for automated collection.

HOA Rules regarding Garbage collection & cans:

Garbage Receptacle Rules

Garbage receptacles may be placed at the curb no earlier than dusk on the evening prior to trash pick-up (Sunday night).

Garbage receptacles must be returned to the resident’s garage no later than 9:00 p.m. on the day of garbage collection (Monday night). If you are traveling or unable to return your receptacles to your garage during this timeframe, please make arrangements with a neighbor or contact Carlyle Management.

Garbage receptacles must be stored in the resident’s garage. Garbage receptacles may NOT be stored anywhere else on the resident’s property.

First offense: Warning Letter.
Subsequent offenses: $50.00 fine per offense.

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