Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are the Home Owners Association dues?
A. The current 2023 annual dues are $1,600.00

Q. How are dues determined?
A. An expense review by the Finance Committee takes place in October, resulting in a draft budget which is recommended to the Board for their approval. Maintenance fees are set for the following year based on expected expenses and funding of adequate reserves. Each owner pays an equal amount to the Association in the form of annual dues.

Q. When are dues owed?
A. The dues are payable once a year prior to January 31. A late charge assessment of $25 is added to the dues amount if not paid by Feb. 10.

Q. What happens if someone does not pay the homeowners dues?
A. Dues are the lifeblood of your Association and as such, are secured by a lien on each lot and/or home. If not paid, they are subject to interest, late fees, and collection fees and ultimately may be foreclosed upon by the Association. If the Association must spend its time and money to collect your assessment, it will harm the Association and eventually all other owners.

Q. What do the dues cover?
A. The Association uses the money to pay utilities and upkeep of the common areas, carry insurance on the neighborhood, taxes, rubbish removal, road maintenance, street snowplowing, and various other things such as social events.

Q. Who does the billing for Association Dues?
A. Carlyle Management will send you a courtesy bill. Dues are payable to the Signature of Solon Homeowner Association and sent to Carlyle Management Co., 23945 Mercantile Road, Suite B , Beachwood, Ohio, 44122.

Q. What if I have a question regarding my dues?
A. Address your question to the Receivables Department at Carlyle Management, 216/464-7465, Ext. 250.

Q. Why Do I have to pay dues even though my home is not built yet?
A. The governing documents require dues to be distributed evenly amongst all Signature property owners.

Q. When I received my Annual Dues Billing, I noticed that the fees have gone up. Can my Association increase the rates without notifying the members in advance?
A. The Association has reserves for contingencies where additional money may be collected in order to cover unforeseen expenses, i.e. road repair, etc. In 2007, an annual $200 was collected to build up those reserve funds.

Q. Why did I receive a bill for dues from Signature of Solon Country Club?
A. Club dues are totally unrelated to the Homeowner Association Dues.  Please call the Club membership department at 440/498-8888 for more information.

Q. My mailbox needs to be repaired or replaced. How do I go about doing that? 
A. Our mailbox Vendor is Easy Signs in Twinsburg ( give them a call and ask for Chris

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