Landscaping / Architectural Changes

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Drawings are a requirement for all projects and must include a plot map (see your settlement papers, ask your builder, or the County Recorder's office). Indicate on this map, the location of your proposed addition, include a description of the addition, with accurate dimensions, specific materials to be used, colors and other design notes.

Photographs, hand written drawings, pages from catalogs, etc. are always welcome to assist the Committee to understand your project. Please be as descriptive as possible when describing your improvement. When erecting a fence, it is very important to reference the property lines with regard to fences.
If you have a quotation from your contractor, please include that with your application. Construction materials should always be consistent with the existing structure on your property. However, please reference the type, color, size, etc. when describing the materials.

All plans for new construction, home additions, or exterior modifications as well as the initial major landscaping plan must be sent to:
Carlyle Management
23945 Mercantile Road, Suite B
Beachwood, Ohio  44122-5924

Please submit 3 copies of your plans accompanied by a check for $100.00 payable to SOSHOA. The plans will be reviewed by a licensed architect for compliance with our covenants.  The approval, or any required changes will be communicated to the homeowner by the Design Review Committee after reviewing the architect's recommendation.

Incomplete applications may result in disapproval and a request for you to re-file your application with the needed information. This could delay the approval of you project until their next meeting.

Important Notes from the DRC Charter:

  • No work shall commence until written approval of the Design Review Committee AND the City of Solon (along with any necessary permits) have been received. The Solon Building Department can be reached at 440-349-6737.
  • All proposed improvements must meet City of Solon codes.
  • Any variation from the original application must be resubmitted for approval.
  • Approved applications will be revoked automatically if the alterations requested have not commenced within 180 days of the approved date.
  • If your home is on the golf course, plans must also be approved by the Golf Course Management once approval from the DRC is received.
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