On February 1, 2018,  Signature of Solon will operate the Access Control system without the ability of the manually entered gate access numbers to open the gates at the entrances to our community.  This change was made due to tremendous sharing of resident codes over the years which results in no security as thousands of Visitors have 24/7 access to our gated community.

As such, the only method for Residents to enter the property is by the RFID (radio frequency identification device), a remote transmitter such as those issued to many homeowners when they originally moved to SOS or a Home Link device which is the transmitter many vehicles have which is factory installed and can be programmed by their garage door style clicker mentioned earlier, a key fob or “buzzing” in from the telephone keypad.

Since most Residents have never “buzzed” in a Visitor, homeowners are responsible to call Carlyle Management at 216-464-7465 to ensure they have at least one telephone number loaded into the gate access keypad for Visitors to use to request entry.  We suggest a cell phone number as most people have their cell phone available and Residents can grant access even when out of the community.  This is mandatory as the Clubhouse will not accept deliveries for Residents and cannot grant access to Residents guests.  Homeowners can have multiple numbers programmed in the access computer but we are somewhat limited in the characters available in the directory.  

We recommend frequent visitors be given RFID windshield sticker such as related family member, cleaning personnel, landscapers and Snow plow Contractors.  This is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure your guests are credentialed and can provide service to your home.  SOS HOA is providing each homeowner 3 key fob devices to give to such visitors or use with their children or to have to enter the community when not driving their vehicle.  Additional key fobs can be purchased from Carlyle for $10 each.

Please note that you now must press "1 then " to grant access over your phone to a guest at any of the gates.  The "*" key alone no longer works. Please note, you must press the * key for 2-3 seconds till you hear "access granted"

We ask you to practice granting access in the next few months to minimize any bottlenecks at our entrances

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