The gate system was recently improved with the addition of Watchman touch pad entry devices from CellGate. These pads allow for quick notification of a resident that they have a visitor through either an app or over the phone.  When over the app, you can see your visitor on your smart phone. 

For residents, the RFID readers allow radio frequency tags to open the gates as your vehicle approaches.  The RFID stickers have proven very simple to install and rarely have experienced any problems and are a good addition to the gate system. 

The gates, for the time being, will also be able to be opened by the old remote transmitters which, at some point, will be phased out.  Your personal access code can also still be used at the intercom box to open the incoming gates.

Please always consider road conditions as you approach the gates and allow yourself ample opportunity to stop.

Again, we remind you to please inform service personnel to use the main entrance on Route 43 and the entrance to Signature II at Pettibone & Stockwood.  The remaining gates are designed for resident use only.

Please report any problems, or notifications of accidents to Carlyle Management, 216/464-7465.

  • If you need an RFID sticker, contact Carlyle Management. The initial two are furnished at no cost and any additional tags are $10 each.
  • You do not need the RFID stickers, even though they are recommended, but you do need an access code.   If you do not have one, contact Carlyle Management and they can assign one to you.
  • Tenants of any home owners must contact their property owner so they can reapply for access to the community for their tenant.


How to report a problem

Is there a problem with the gates?
If you notice an issue with any of the gates, please contact:

  • Carlyle Management 216-282-1930Chuck Schulman and Annette McKinney
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