SOS has for over five years had the ability to enter the community with the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) transponders.  These transponders are small windshield stickers that mount centrally in the upper part of a vehicle's windshield.

The RFID transponders reflect a radio signal from the various detectors located at all five entrances and the exit gate at Castle Pines Drive.  Each homeowner was provided two such devices; additional units can be purchased from Carlyle management for $10 each.  The standard device is designed to be placed one time on the inside of the vehicle via its adhesive side.  The device is destroyed upon removal for security reasons.  When homeowner changes vehicles, another RFID sticker must be purchased.

Some newer vehicles have front windshield heating elements which interfere with the standard device and must use one of two current alternatives.  Slightly different sticker type devices can be mounted on a vehicle's headlights. Two stickers are recommended as we have RFID detectors on both sides of the road and a far mounted left side device may not work on a detector installed on the right side of the road. 

There is also a heavy duty detector (image below) which is mounted on the vehicle's front license plate holder and can be obtained from Carlyle Management for $35 each,  if a vehicle does not have a front license plate holder, this device can be wired or Zip-tied to the vehicle grill.

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