The only way for a SOS Resident to grant access for a visitor will be to use the Gate Access Telephone keypad located at Capilano Gates 1&2, Pettibone and Liberty entry gates. 


Instructions for Visitors: We suggest texting your visitors the following instructions prior to visiting

At the gate key pad, press the circle on the top that says "press to call". It will take you to a directory where you can either scroll down to the resident's last name or typing in the name. Click on the last name and the system will dial the resident and they will buzz you in once they answer. 

For Residents: 

New & Improved Gate App is Available
We have been given approval from Cellgate to transition from the Watchman EVO app to the new and far superior Cellgate Mobile Connect app. Watchman EVO will still work for the foreseeable future but there are no advantages to its continued use and I strongly advise residents to make this upgrade.
Users must delete the Watchman EVO from their phones before downloading and installing the Cellgate Mobile Connect app as these will conflict and not allow the new app to operate properly. Users will use their existing login credentials where the username is the users email address we have on file and the password for most Signature 1 residents is: signature1-all lower case. For most Signature 2 residents-signature2-all lower case and for Avalon-avalon123-all lower case unless the residents have changed their password. Any user having difficulty logging in can contact Carlyle Management or me for a password reset.
This new app will not be affected by Apple IOS updates and will work properly in either banner style so no modifications to the phones settings need be performed. The new app uses the phones ring tone so the doorbell sound will no longer be heard. The new app is faster and easier to use with an indicator light when the app is correctly installed, signed in and ready for operation.  
When a notification is received, the user sees a strange device ID which is the callbox from where the Visitor is requesting entrance(We will investigate if this can be coded to show the various entrances as we know them). If a voice call is received, the caller ID will show the cell number of the callbox which is (972) 231-1999 and is suggested to be saved in the users phone directory as “Signature Gate” as to minimize the chance the call gets blocked inadvertently.
Please remember that if the notification is not answered within 30 seconds, if a resident chooses not to use the app or receives a call on a landline, a voice call is made to the phone without video. The user will receive a recorded message stating “you have a Visitor press (1) to connect to the callbox” and then press and hold for 2-3 seconds the star(*) key to open the gate. No other number will open the gate even if they hear “access granted”. Not the #, not the (9), only the star (*) opens the gate. We have heard that iPhones have some trouble generating the multi-frequency tones that do not appear to affect Android or landline phones so if a user has difficulty connecting to the callbox, they may have to press the (1) again or hold for a few seconds.
The new app does not time out after one minute and the time to turn on the camera is faster.
Conversion Instructions
Please take the following steps to transition from the Watchman EVO app to the CellGate app. Note, the EVO app will continue working and updating is at the administrator's discretion.
1.   Delete the Watchman EVO app from your device
2.   If you have an iPhone, make sure the latest iOS update is complete: Phone Settings > General
3.   Download the CellGate app 
          *   iOS
          *   Android
4.   App permissions are critical to proper app function. To check user app permissions, see below.
(make sure latest iOS update is complete: Settings > General)
Go to Settings > Privacy > CellGate > Verify Camera, Microphone are enabled
Enable, if not or re-download app
Restart phone before logging back in
Go to Settings > Apps & Permissions > App permissions > Camera > CellGate > verify enabled
Go to Settings > Apps & Permissions > App permissions > Microphone > CellGate > verify enabled 
Restart phone before logging back in
5.   If you reset your password, please make sure not to include special characters nor all caps; passwords should be alphanumeric and a minimum of 8 characters
6.  If adding the biometric option, log out of the app, power cycle your phone and log back in to set.
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