When you expect several guests on the same day for an event such as a party, SOS HOA allows a temporary 4 digit code to be given to your guest.  You can provide this number on invitations which will speed access of your visitors.  Call Carlyle Management at 216-282-1930 at least a week prior to the event to allow them to program this temporary code in the gate access computer.  This “party code” is temporary and will work only the day of the event.  If you have visitors who will be on site for an extended time such as a contractor who requires a week to perform service,  we issue that service provider a “Contractor Code” and can be granted for an extended period.  Those service providers such as the Landscaper or Snow Plow Contractor who visits quite often will be provided RFID windshield devices or key fobs at their expense.

Large events such as graduation parties often have a substantial amount of guests who are unfamiliar with our system and may cause significant bottlenecks at our entrances. Please call Carlyle Management  to program the gates to be open for your event. We ask that this be used for events which have 10 or more cars and only for a few hours. Please remind Visitors that the Castle Pines entrance and exit gates will not open for Visitors as it is for residents only and requires an RFID device to actuate.

Throughout the year, we have occasion to hold our gates open all-day to avoid bottlenecks at the entrances.  Such days are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, the annual community garage sale, Halloween, Superbowl Sunday and Mother’s Day. 

 We also do this for scheduled Open Houses for Realtors on a case by case basis and can also help with a move in/move out.  Please do not request a scheduled gate-open for a single Visitor or dog walker. We gladly hold open gates for large events such as Weddings, Funeral visits and Graduation parties.


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