The only way for a SOS Resident to grant access for a visitor will be to use the Gate Access Telephone keypad located at Capilano Gates 1&2, Pettibone and Liberty entry gates. 


Instructions for Visitors: We suggest texting your visitors the following instructions prior to visiting

At the gate key pad, press the circle on the top that says "press to call". It will take you to a directory where you can either scroll down to the resident's last name or typing in the name. Click on the last name and the system will dial the resident and they will buzz you in once they answer. 

For Residents: 

  • The system will call your phone (traditional call) or alert your Smartphone app (Watchman EVO)
  • If you receive a traditional phone call from, answer the call then press the 1, then * button on your phone for 2-3 seconds. The system will hang up and allow your visitor in. 
  • If you receive the notification via the Watchman Evo App, press the notification, select "answer call"... then hold the open button for 2-3 seconds till the system reports access has been granted. 


Watchman EVO app download and installation

Go to the Apple App store (iPhone users) or Google Play store (for android users)  and download the Watchman EVO app by Cellgate. When installed on the smart phone, the app will show a blue screen with a white Policeman. When loaded on the phone, the app will say “Watchman standing by for Visitors” but will not be active until you are completely signed in. To sign in to the app, your Username is the email address on record with the HOA, and the password will be:

  • signature1-all lower case for residents of Signature 1 
  • signature2-all lower case for residents of Signature 2
  • avalon123- for Avalon residents


This is the initial sign in password which can be changed to your preference. You will not receive emails to this email address but is required by Cellgate for continuity and ease of use.

 At this point, you are signed in and ready for use. While you are essentially ready for Visitors, we recommend practicing with the app to become familiar with its operation and be able to educate and help your Guests enter the community. You do not have to use the app as any phone(smart phone, home landline, work phone) can open the gates and admit Visitors, we recommend using it when available to add an additional measure of safety as the app allows live, color video of who is at the gate and allows you to verify the person calling from the entry kiosk is who you want to admit.

The first time the app is used will configure your smart phone to accept calls and operate correctly. When a person selects and taps the screen at the Watchman device at our entrances, you will receive a notification on your phone which sounds like a doorbell. When you agree to accept this notification, you will see the incoming number of 972-231-1999. This is a call from a Dallas, Texas area code which is the cell phone in the Watchman calling you, DO NOT BLOCK this number but save it in your contacts as Signature Gate. This will quickly alert you to a Guest and not a Robo-call.

 When you answer this call, the camera in the Watchman device is turned on and you will be seeing the person who is contacting you. Verify this is your Guest and press and hold the green OPEN button for 2-3 seconds to open the gate. When the gate opens, your Guest can enter, the call will disconnect and the gate arm will close behind the vehicle. Please tell your Visitors these gates are designed to close immediately after each vehicle to prevent tailgating. Damage from tailgaters attempting to follow another car will result in a minimum of a $500 fine or more if significant damage occurs to the gate arms and operators and we will not be responsible for damages to vehicles caused by violations of our procedures. Our entrance points are monitored continuously by multiple high resolution cameras which are time stamped with video evidence of license plates for each vehicle that enters Signature.

If you do not accept the notification within 30 seconds, a “Voice call” is made to that same phone and a backup number such as a home land line, office number or family backup person. There are several configurations for backup such as the simultaneous notifications or sequential calls in order but most find the standard order of notification then voice call to that same phone and a family member as the most efficient and more than adequate to admit Visitors. No Visitor should come unannounced so we ask that residents are aware of the expected time for Visitors as to expedite admittance an not cause a bottleneck at the gates. We also ask that residents educate Visitors in the basic use of the Watchman kiosk so they know what to expect upon first arrival to Signature to minimize any frustration on their part. Remind them to notify you prior to arrival so you can have a phone handy and that they must call from the kiosk for the system to work as you cannot buzz them in unless the call is received from the Watchman. 

If a resident chooses not to use the Watchman app, they can still admit Guests but there will be no video, only a “voice" call. When a Guest calls from the Watchman, and the Watchman EVO app is not used, a call is received immediately from the gate and the Resident must press 1 and then * on their phones to open the gate. Please note, the resident must HOLD the * key for 2-3 seconds. The system will say “access granted”. The gate will open momentarily and close allowing a single vehicle to pass.


Watchman EVO app troubleshooting

We have experienced random problems associated with the Watchman EVO app caused often by either conflict with other apps installed on smartphones or software updates many have set to automatically be installed on these phones. As there are many various phones and models, we cannot say exactly which phones are affected and from which updates as this is continually changing. The most common problem is that one day, the app will not work as before but the system will still operate but only voice dials are received. This is most common with iPhones and can often be remedied by signing out, performing a complete shutdown and signing back in and verifying a critical setting in the Notification section of the phone is set correctly. The initial notification sets the phone to work with the app but these periodic updates can restore the phone to a default setting which is incompatible with the Watchman EVO.

 To correct such an occurrence with an iPhone:

  • Go to the Settings icon(gear)and press once:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the Watchman EVO app, press once
  • Find Notifications and press once
  • Locate Banner Style and verify it is set to Persistent
  • Exit the Settings
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