The only way for a SOS Resident to grant access for a Visitor will be to use the Gate Access Telephone keypad located at Capilano Gates 1&2, Pettibone and Liberty entry gates.  When you are expecting a Visitor, they will see an Alpha Numeric display on the touch pad at the gate and they can simply touch the first letter of your last name and then scroll to find you.  Another touch will connect them to the numbers that you have in the system.  The system will either connect to the Watchman EVO app on your smart phone or actually come in like a traditional telephone call.  The app allows you to see your guest at the gate and prompts you in how to let your guest in.  If it is through your telephone instead, when you answer the call and verify this is your expected guest, press "*" (formerly "9") and hold for a few seconds to open the gate.  You will hear the line disconnect which indicates the gate arm has opened.

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